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Heart Health for Society

Heart Health for Society The West Kalimantan health outlook supports health for the heart and for world.

“West Kalimantan is number 3 in Indonesia with the highest heart disease, but we do not speak percent, but certainly we are number 3,” said Ria Norsan while attending the commemoration of Healthy Heart Day at the KONI Kalbar page in Pontianak, Sunday (10/14) .
He said the factors causing the high rate of heart disease sufferers in West Kalimantan were due to lack of awareness of healthy living in the community.

“For that reason, with this healthy heart exercise, we hope that the people of West Kalimantan can be more aware of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for their heart health,” he said.

He continued, mens there in corpore sano is an expression that in a healthy body there is a healthy soul. “Based on this phrase the Healthy Heart Gymnastics is carried out,” said Ria Norsan.

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